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While preparing for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) conducted by Medical Council of India (MCI), students face a lot of difficulty with the subject of Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM). Reasons for this are aplenty:

  • Students get to study only the Epidemiology of diseases and Health systems of countries they are doing graduation in. Thus they do miss out on understanding the subject with focus to India, whereas FMGE-MCI Screening Test tends to focus mainly on Indian context.
  • It becomes very difficult, in the given time, to complete and remember the standard bulky, comprehensive and exhaustive textbook(s) of PSM
  • There is no FMGE specific PSM book in the market. Although a lot of PG Exam-specific books are available in the market but their content may not be useful for FMGE (for example, topics like ‘Nested case control study’, ‘Meta-analysis’, ‘Statistical errors’, ‘Probability’, ‘Likelihood ratio’, ‘Demographic gap’, ‘Child delinquency’ have not yet appeared in FMGE-MCI Screening Test). It becomes extremely difficult to sort out important useful topics in PSM for FMGE.
  • In FMGE, quite a lot of MCQs mainly focus on conceptual topics like Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Demography, etc., along with their applied aspects.

Also previous papers (reconstructed based on student memory) of FMGE show that 25-30 MCQs have appeared in each of the exams since its inception in 2002. Thus around 10% of total MCQs in FMGE are comprised of PSM, making it QUITE IMPORTANT for success. One can easily score 80-100% PSM questions correctly in the examination. It may even help in solving many related MCQs of Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Microbiology, Medicine, Pharmacology, etc. Keeping this in mind, we have written this book keeping a FMGE student’s requirement and examiner’s perspective in mind.

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