Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates (Community Medicine) Dr. Vivek Jain, 3rd Edition, JayPee Medical Publishers

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While preparing for Community Medicine (PSM) in Undergraduate MBBS Professional Examinations, I realized that despite availability of standard textbooks and good teachers, there are lots of difficulties faced by students. Like every student, I faced a plethora of questions.

  • Regarding Theory Examinations: How to structure a Long Question? How much to write in Short note? How to write differences between? What about questions not given in text books or taught in class lectures?
  • Similarly for Practicals: How to prepare for Long Case/ Short Case/ Family presentation? Which topics to study and how to score maximum marks in Epidemiological-Statistical exercises? How to maximize marks during Spots exercise?
  • For Viva voce: What are the various questions that can be asked? How to answer precisely and correctly?

Community Medicine (PSM) is a vast and varied subject to conceptualize and memorize. Elaborate books also confused me regarding the relative importance of each topic in the subject. And as a Teaching Faculty today, I can understand the problems faced by students, in this important subject, much better. So, I decided to pen down ‘Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates (PMFU)’, keeping in mind students’ requirements and an examiner’s expectations during Examinations. 

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3rd EDITION – Key Features

Third Edition of PMFU has the following features:

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