REVIEW OF PSM (INCLUDING BIOSTATISTICS) Dr. Vivek Jain, 12th Edition, JayPee Medical Publishers

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While preparing for PG entrance examination, I myself realized that most of the PSM MCQs, as a student. Most of the times, there were questions from 'topics not given in standard textbooks' (for example, nested case control study, case series report, statistical errors, probability, odds and likelihood ratios, health legislations, water washed diseases, Golden rice, COPRA, Punnett square, Dixon's Q-test, Evidence based Medicine, etc. – all together just the tip of an iceberg of such MCQs). Every year there were 'new unheard questions from unexplored fields', overlapping choices of MCQs from other fields of medicine accompanied with futile search for 'recent most data of Public Health Statistics', etc. This all made me realize that PSM is a vast and varied subject to conceptualise and memorize. Elaborate books also confused me regarding the relative importance of each topic in the subject. I also realised that students face maximum difficulty in understanding the concepts of 'Biostatistics' and in obtaining precise, concise and useful data from 'National Health Programmes of India'. Also, PG entrance examinations have a sizeable chunk of direct MCQs from PSM subject (Just 1 subject out of 19 total subjects), ranging from 10-14% of total (20-25% in CMS-UPSC). Moreover, PSM helps in solving several allied questions (partly or totally) of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Pharmacology, Medicine, Microbiology, Ophthalmology, etc. So, there is no denying the fact that 'PSM is of paramount importance' to successfully tackle any PG Entrance Examination. Thus, I have written this book keeping a student's, a teacher's and an examiner's perspective in mind.

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In the Twelfth edition of the book following NEW ADDITIONS have been done to make a student stay ahead in this competitive era with changing pattern of Examinations

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