PHOTON-20® (Image Based Questions) Dr. Vivek Jain, 3rd Edition, CBS Publishers

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One of the key changes in PGME and even UG Examinations in India since 2011-12, besides more focus on Fact-based questions and One-liner questions, has been introduction of Image Based Questions (IBQs). And, as evident through Recent Examinations in India, IBQs’ proportion is on a gradual increase in all PGMEEs in India (especially AIIMS, APPG, NBE AIPG, NBE DNB, State PGMEEs, NBE FMGE, Medical Officer Examinations, Dental PGMEE and Other Examinations). PHOTON 20® – Image Based Questions is a ONE-STOP Junction for all 20 Subjects IBQs asked in Entrance Examinations.

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PHOTON-20® has been subdivided into 20 subjects of MBBS Professional course (Pre-clinical. Para-Clinical and Clinical subjects’ sections)

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